Case Studies A Tale of Wine

Imagine you order a bottle of organic wine in a restaurant. You taste it and it’s outstanding! It’s almost as if you can feel the Mediterranean sun ripening the juicy grapes in the green and fruitful landscape of the romantic vineyards in Southern France. You get curious, take a closer look and discover a QR-Code on the bottle. It is labeled: “See my history” - so you scan it.

An app-like website opens and provides you with a few clicks an astonishing amount of information about your new favorite wine. You find a detailed history of the winery with beautiful pictures and interesting portrays of the winegrower family and their happy looking workers. But most of all, there is unbelievably detailed information about the wine itself. From the origin of ingredients as well as their exact point of harvest and processing, over to the carbon footprint. Furthermore, one can also follow up on the used pesticides, granted and verified certificates and consumers ratings. It even claims that the workers had been paid truly fair salaries.

Eventually, a moment of doubt overwhelms you. This is too good to be true – it must be the usual not trustworthy marketing claims of a company trying to sell more. But the moment when you look at the top of the page you realize that it is exactly these doubts what this QR-Code was all about. It says: “Reliable Supply Chain and Product Visibility for Efficient Production and Sustainable Consumption.”

After a short dive in the’s introduction you learned enough about the immutable supply chain information due to DTL-technology and therefore reliable traceability, the fair business coalitions and the transparency incentivizing Crypto Currency called OURZ. You are more than convinced. This wine is great, the information is all true and this idea will make a real change. You feel obliged to spread the word, so you rate, review and recommend both, the wine and the platform.

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