Case Studies Dried Uganda Arabica Coffee

In May 2018, we have visited Uganda and met responsibles from the Uganda Coffee Development Authority. We learnd about their mission to provide standards and raise quality for the coffee sector.

Within this association, coffee farmers collectively work together to grow and harvest natural organic coffee. After a great time and warm hospitality, we received 5kg of Natural Dried Uganda Arabica (DRUGAR) green coffee beans.

  • The first TING on the OURZ platform was created. The TING is the digital twin of the green coffee beans and it contains all the above product information about it.

For the secondary processing assessment, the Uganda Coffee Development Authority in Kampala checked the quality and the coffee was categorized as DRUGAR A. Equipped with the green coffee beans and a phytosanitary certificate, we went back to Germany, by plane from Kampala to Hamburg Airport.

  • A second TING was created, with the information of the certification authority and documents attached.

We took the coffee to the coffee roastery Fehling in Lübeck, where it was roasted. The smell was amazing! Within this process, the beans lost some weight and we could take 3,5kg back to Hamburg.

  • The roaster entered the information on the OURZ platform and the third TING was born.

Back at our office, we could finally try a cup, and we were a proudly surprised, as it was really tasty! Packaging was the final step. We organized an OURZ team-event to stamp our design on 175 small paper bags. This was a little tricky at first, but with a lot of fun we figured it out. We filled 20g (or to be precise two egg cups) of the roasted coffee beans into each prepared paper bag, sealed and labeled it.

  • You see a QR code on the label, including the final TING of the product with all the related sub-product information, mentioned before.

Our very limited unique coffee bags are used as promotional giveaways, so for now, we can only invite you to scan the above QR code to enjoy a cup of digital coffee.

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