Sustainable Crypto Economics

Introducing the OUR - a Cryptocurrency for Transparent, Fair and Sustainable Business.

What is Behind

In the emerging decentralized economy, code is law. Manifested and enforced by smart contracts, the rules and agreements are directly linked to the medium of exchange itself. The creation of a new cryptocurrency gives us the unique chance to design new market rules according to the specific requirements of OURZ.

On the Trail of the OUR

The utility token OUR will be the cryptocurrency which is used to pay for the services and fees within the OURZ network, including the data and solution marketplace. A limited supply of OUR token will be issued in an initial coin offering (ICO) and the obtained funding will be used for further development and expansion of the platform.

Being Sustainable Pays Off

The OUR will also be used as a medium to incentivize users for beneficial behavior. The purpose of this interference in the free market is to support the platform functionalities and to foster our vision of a fair and sustainable economy. This mechanism is called sustainable crypto economics. The concrete structure of the fees and incentives will be transparently predefined by OURZ until decentralized community governance can be successfully tested and implemented.

Let Us Improve Your Business

Schedule some time to talk with one of our experts and they will show you exactly how the OURZ platform can improve the way your company works.

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