Our dedicated core team of experienced business professionals, innovative scientists, and digital natives combines all the skills needed to make OURZ reality.

Founder & Chair Antoni

CTO - Software Engineering Andreas

Business Accounting Suat

Finance & Controlling Johannes

Chief Economist Sönke

Interns Computer Science Marianna, Kacper & Igor

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

We are a team of dedicate, conscious humans with big hearts and clear minds. We are addicted to life and we want to make a positive impact during our stay on this beautiful planet.

We want to take over responsibility and act social and sustainable. OURZ was founded to contribute to shaping a sustainable future. The approach is technological, because we think of technology as a great instrument to support humans within their daily lives and at work.

Through latest technologies, OURZ wants to make supply chain management as easy and as efficient as possible to save resources and avoid waste on every level. Additionally, we want to support businesses to turn transparent and sustainable behavior into real value. Next to providing a solution to act sustainable for businesses, we want to encourage conscious consumerism in our society. Everybody should have the possibility to make a purchase decision consciously, based on knowledge about the product’s history and origin.

We claim that economic growth should be based on creating value collaboratively with respect for each other and for our environment. Let’s act sustainable together to ensure a future worth living for the next generations! Sounds utopian? Maybe a little – but we do mean it.

Business and Academic Partners

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