One Consistent Course of Action

Handle the High Requirements within the Health Sector Efficiently to Secure Authenticity and Safety. 

Health Is Wealth

Unfortunately, pharmaceutical manufacturing supply chains face several difficulties, as little to no security exists for the participants, and pharmaceutical companies often don’t have enough data about their consumers. In contrast to these weak points, authenticity, safety, and protection from forgery are the fundamental subjects for the industry, as lives could depend on proper drugs. This would also include a speedy and efficient recall management.


A gapless tracing of active pharmaceutical ingredients is extremely complex, starting from the initial ingredient suppliers, to manufacturers, pharmacies and hospitals, up to the end consumer. Additionally, quality and safety standards are continuously increasing and preparation for audits gets expansive. With the service of the OURZ platform, real-time access and visibility across the supply chain will assist companies to meet the high requirements and handle them efficiently, to secure authenticity and safety. Health is a value we need to approach vigorously and thoroughly – the OURZ platform provides the tools to support those who are dedicated to saving lives.

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