Turning Conscious Consumerism into a Lifestyle

Use transparency to meet consumers' growing demand for product information. Verify your claims with blockchain technology, show your achievements to loyal customers and reach new markets.

Transparency as Advantage

Consumers are requesting more and more information before making a purchase decision. They want to know about the origin of the product's ingredients and are increasingly considering the social and environmental effects in their decision-making process. With OURZ you can show and proof your efforts in quality, fairness and sustainability to the consumer and let transparency become your competitive advantage for the future.

A New Level of Trust

Your customer can access the transparent product information by simply scanning a QR code. The obtained information will be truly reliable, verified through the immutable documentation on the decentralized blockchain. A new level of trust will be generated and customers will answer with loyalty.


A Whole Cycle

Many businesses just use one-way communication to reach out to their end consumers. It is often restricted to marketing activities and PoS presentations. Service is usually handled by retailers and ends with the warranty. Precious knowledge about the complete product life cycle is lost and the customer relationship remains poor.


OURZ will equip your business to collect valuable data and feedback of the end users. Through the use of the TING, the digital twin of your product, you will receive valuable data far beyond the PoS. Several possibilities of interaction will open up and enable you to constantly improve the quality of your product and establish long-term customer relationships.

Major Benefits

The data and connectivity gained will lead to significant improvements in many of your business units

Claim Management

Claims management can react fast and appropriate to avoid dissatisfaction and negative word of mouth.

Quality Management

Quality management can identify weaknesses immediately and precisely trace the underlying cause.

Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing will benefit from priceless word of mouth and can exploit undreamt-of cross-selling opportunities.

Product Development

Product development will be based on real customer feedback and demands.

Let Us Improve Your Business

Schedule some time to talk with one of our experts and they will show you exactly how the OURZ platform can improve the way your company works.

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