Form Fair and Decentral Governed Coalitions

Find promising new cooperation partners to work more effectively and sustainably together.

Prosperous Partnerships

In many industries, cooperative business coalitions will soon outperform the old, purely competitive business models due to higher cost efficiency, greater revenue potentials and more sustainability. We will support the development of a network of coalitions within the OURZ ecosystem. With the use of AI analysis of the collected data and best practice examples, OURZ will recommend attractive coalition offerings to the participants of the platform and beyond.

Fair Distribution of Profits

A key element of the cooperative economy will be the fair distribution of profits among the coalition’s members. OURZ is developing game theoretic distribution schemes, based on Shapley Values. The computation will be distributed and sensitive data will be protected through fragmentation and zero-knowledge queries. In accordance with contract details and the aim of the coalition, a fair distribution of the incomes will be calculated.

Within Coalitions

The coalitions will be self-governed, user-friendly and based on smart contracts. They are not limited to supply chain participants only, but can be formed through procurement, financial or joint machine pools, sales or lobby alliances, and even consumer associations. Within coalitions, management-, documentation-, and transaction-costs will decrease and therefore significant competitive advantages will be generated.

Let Us Improve Your Business

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