Data and Solution Marketplace

Turn your data into tradeable digital assets or offer your value-adding business solutions on the OURZ marketplace. Build an efficient network and make profit of its growing community.

Thriving Opportunities

With our platform we establish efficient marketplaces for supply chain data and solutions. The added value our network is creating grows with increasing participation in the platform, through its members. We therefore make it possible to create new sources of income and new business models through community involvement.

Data Lake

Each platform participant records product, service or transaction data in the form of digital twins, the TINGs on the blockchain. This ensures that they are automatically the owners of the data and can not only make decisions about its use but also benefit from its market value. The Data Marketplace makes this valuable information available to those who use it for their own business model. Increased demand leads to higher prices for the data, which directly benefits data owners.


The App Marketplace offers applications developed by the community or certified software providers. This opens the door for innovations and special industry solutions that address more efficient business management. It enables developers to respond to special customer requirements and create new revenue opportunities. Platform users can activate these add-ons with a single click and dedicate themselves to customer and product value again.

Let Us Improve Your Business

Schedule some time to talk with one of our experts and they will show you exactly how the OURZ platform can improve the way your company works.

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