Everything is a TING - Tokenized Supply Chain Transparency

A digital twin enables you to track and trace your product from end to end. Harvest the full potential of digitization with OURZ AI driven efficiency guidance.

Proudly Presenting the TING!

The TING token (TING) act as a digital twin of your real world product or service. TINGs are smart contracts that are designed for data documentation and traceability on a blockchain. Their basic functionality mirrors all steps in your supply and value chain. Like real products, TINGs can be created, combined, serviced, certified, moved, stored, sold or even consumed, rated and recycled.

Make the Data Work for You

TINGs are preserved even after the sale, consumption or destruction of the product in question. This results in a valuable database with a constantly growing number of TINGs that show the history and current status of your complex supply chain and data stream. The data can be privatized, but transparency could also be used as an added value and a competitive advantage.

The TING will be of Service to You and the Data will be


Analyzed for business-related efficiencies and revenue gains.

Mutual Benefits

Shared with your supply chain partners to build trust and enable unimagined cooperative potentials.


Made available to your customers to build trust, receive precious feedback and behavioral data.


Valued and sold on the OURZ Data Marketplace for OUR token.

OURZ will publish the open source TING protocol - a global decentralized communication standard for supply chain and product data. It can be developed and maintained by network participants.

Let Us Improve Your Business

Schedule some time to talk with one of our experts and they will show you exactly how the OURZ platform can improve the way your company works.

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